North Shore Roofers

North Shore Roofers

Whether your roof is damaged, is due for maintenance, or you’re thinking about changing its design, Refresh Renovations North Shore has a team of roofers who can take care of all your roof design and installation needs. 

What roofing services does Refresh Renovations provide in North Shore?

  • Roof inspections
  • Roof repairs
  • Re-roofing
  • Roof insulation
  • Roof painting
  • Roof re-tiling
  • Installing roof shingles 
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof extensions
  • Skylight installations
  • Waterproofing
  • Spouting system installations/replacements
  • Downpipe installations/replacements
  • Roof maintenance
  • Styleline roofing installations
  • ...and anything else you can think of!

Why should you choose Refresh North Shore for your roofing needs?

Refresh has extensive experience when it comes to designing, renovating, and building residential home projects that match North Shore’s specific weather conditions. Therefore our roofers know exactly what type of materials to use to ensure your roof lasts a very long time. 
We have a unique five step process that takes care of your entire project from start to finish. By providing a holistic project management service, we ensure your project is completed in a way that the final result matches the initial designs. Our Renovation Consultant will complete your roof installation project on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to your day to day life. 

What are some current roofing trends in North Shore?

When it comes to roofing, it generally depends on the type of home you have. The materials homeowners choose depend on their unique needs and can range from concrete tiles, pressed steel tiles, clay tiles, timber shingles, asphalt shingles, or long run steel. Regardless or what is popular in North Shore, our Renovation Consultants and roofers will work with you to design and install the perfect roof to match your wants and needs, and ensure it blends in perfectly with your current home design. 

How much does it cost to install a roof in North Shore?

Although your roof work will depend on several factors including the scope of your project, the materials you choose, and the design of your specific roof, based on our completed projects we estimate that small repairs usually cost $300 per m2, with clay or asphalt being more affordable, whereas a complete roof replacement will cost between $250 to $650 m2. If you would like a fixed-price quote specific to your home’s requirements, please get in touch with a local roofing Consultant. 

*Please note that these estimates are a rough guideline only. For an exact quote of how much your roof will cost, consult a local Renovations Consultant.

Ready to get started on your roof?

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