Structural Renovation Specialists in Hampshire

When you need to renovate your home but need some structural intervention, it’s critical that you pick the right team for the job. There’s lots to consider with structural renovations and only experts should take on the project. Refresh Renovations put together a bespoke team of professional specialists for every job based on the scope and requirements of the works. Combined with a project manager assigned to oversee all parties and every detail, you can be sure of the best possible service and finish.

What types of Structural Renovations do Refresh offer?

The term ‘structural renovations’ is wide ranging, and Refresh Renovations’ services include all of the following:
- Bespoke designs
- Sunroom additions
- House extensions and alterations
- Concept designs and working drawings
- Heritage home restorations/modernisations
- Construction
- Installation
- Decoration and interior design
- End-to-end project management

What are the current Structural Renovation trends in Hampshire?

The Refresh Hampshire Team have seen a marked increase in demand for extensions post-pandemic as people adopt a newfound appreciation for their homes having had to spend so much time there over recent years! Open-plan layouts across living areas and kitchen-diners are a popular choice and with so many period properties through Hampshire, we also embark on plenty of heritage home restorations across the county.

How much does a Structural Renovation cost?

It’s impossible to give a ballpark figure for a structural renovation as they come in all shapes and sizes! Upon enquiry, a Refresh Renovations Consultant will arrange for a home visit to scope out your renovation project and take you through the Refresh process. This is free and with no obligation to purchase; just get in touch to discuss more and learn about all potential avenues for your job. Once you have gone through our design stages, your Refresh Renovation Consultant will be in a better position to guide you with costings. Throughout our process, YOU are in charge of your build costs through your decisions and choices, but your Renovation Consultant will help you stay informed on how your choices effect the costings.

Why choose Refresh for a Structural Renovation?

Refresh works on a full project management approach so every detail is taken care and managed by a dedicated project manager. This provides homeowners with a single point of contact and minimises disruption – streamlining your renovation journey and keeping things as easy as possible.

Will I need planning permission for my Structural Renovation?

Some structural renovations can be completed under Permitted Development Rights, but many do required planning permission. However, fear not – this needn’t be the drama so many misconstrue it to be. Refresh manages a great working relationship with the Hampshire local planning authorities and manage the application and appeals process as part of our standard service; often with no extension to the agreed timeline or to the budget. 

What areas do Refresh Hampshire operate in?

Refresh Hampshire offer Structural Renovation services throughout the county including across Portsmouth, Chichester, Kings Worthy, and Camberley.

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