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Whether you require a compact en-suite, an elegant wet room or an indulgent family bathroom, the Refresh Surrey team has experience of designing and installing bespoke bathrooms throughout Surrey and Hampshire. We take care of every aspect – from initial design through comprehensive project planning to attentive and efficient installation – to guarantee that we deliver the perfect bathroom for your property and lifestyle.

Why Refresh?

Refresh will carry out your bathroom design and build with minimal disruption to your daily life. When you work with Refresh, all you need to do is tell us you wish-list and budget. From there, we'll work with you to create a design that suits your style and requirements and then we'll schedule in our fantastic team to carry out your high-quality renovation.  

What bathroom installation services does Refresh provide?

Refresh can take care of every step of your bathroom installation, including:
- Bespoke bathroom designs
- Custom bathrooms
- Building Regulations Approval/Planning Permission applications
- Bathroom renovations
- Bathroom remodelling
- Improving bathroom layouts
- Bathroom installation
- Plumbing
- Electrics
- Tub-to-shower conversions
- Walk-in shower installations
- Double shower installations
- Tiling
- Bathroom fittings
- Creating spa-style bathrooms
- Vanity installations

What budget will I need for a bathroom renovation?

Several elements will have a direct influence over the level of budget required for your bathroom renovation. The size of the space and the level of plumbing work needed will have a fundamental impact, as will the style of the sanitaryware and fittings. If you’re happy to leave all items in the same position and connect to the existing pipework, a standard bathroom renovation in Surrey will cost around £5,000 including design, materials and labour costs such as plumbing, tiling and decorating. If you’re looking to move things around and invest in a designer bath or a cutting-edge entertainment system, you’ll need to increase the available budget. The key when defining your bathroom renovation budget is to ensure that the project is planned thoroughly to include every detail.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations specialist. 

How can I maximise space in a small bathroom?

It might be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but there are plenty of techniques to save – and even create – space in your bathroom, without compromising on design flair. One of the most effective ways of maximising space is to be clever with storage, whether it’s open shelving or discreet cupboards. Start by undertaking some ruthless de-cluttering – nothing will make a small bathroom feel even smaller than worktop areas littered with make-up or other paraphernalia. Once you know exactly what you need to accommodate in the bathroom, plan to have sufficient storage to hide the majority of it away but keep the essentials easily accessible. Clear, clean lines will enhance the perception of space, as will wall-mounting the toilet, hanging towels on hooks and opting for freestanding furniture that can be moved or even removed at will. Neutral tones and oversized mirrors with task lighting can also contribute to the minimalist feel and thereby help to make a small bathroom feel larger.

How should I design my bathroom?

Bathroom design is very personal, but there are some universal tips that can apply. It might not sound glamorous, but planning is hugely important if you’re to create a successful bathroom design that not only delivers the experience you’re craving but also stands the test of time. The best bathrooms offer a natural flow, majoring on more attractive features such as the bath and shower and relegating the more functional aspects such as the toilet. Consider how to position each element for maximum effect. If the bathroom window offers a lovely view, for example, why not position the bath so that you can lie back and admire it? A winning bathroom design will also marry aesthetics with practicality – after all, the bathroom is a working space and has to deliver efficiency while also being easy to clean and maintain. It can, therefore, be advisable to avoid becoming focused on luxurious amenities that create more problems than they solve. And even though neutral tones tend to dominate, embrace the idea of a bold feature statement with tiles, wallpaper or artwork – affording your bathroom the same attention as your lounge, kitchen or main bedroom can deliver on many levels.

What is a sensible schedule for a bathroom renovation?

Despite its relative size, a bathroom can present several renovation challenges, especially if you’re looking to relocate some of the sanitaryware, so it’s prudent to set a workable schedule. A simple cosmetic makeover, where you’re leaving everything in position but upgrading it and refreshing the tiling, flooring and decoration, is likely to take two to three weeks given that the trades will need to be skilfully dovetailed with the delivery of all the required materials. A full renovation involving moving the sanitaryware, replastering, creating all-new storage and installing new lighting will take in the region of four weeks. Whatever the scale of your bathroom renovation, at Refresh Surrey we work with you to build a realistic schedule that allows us to deliver the bathroom you’re hoping for in a timeframe that works for you.

Would you like to learn more about Refresh?

We’re delighted to offer you a complimentary no-obligation consultation in your home to discuss your bathroom renovation and to explain about the Refresh Surrey approach. Refresh bathroom renovations are expertly carried out by a single team covering design and installation to ensure that we create your dream bathroom efficiently and cost-effectively.

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