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Great Britain is great for many reasons… but unfortunately for us, the summer weather is rarely one of them. With energy bills set to increase to an unprecedented high for UK homeowners and tenants, there’s no time more apt than the present to damp proof properties and integrate sustainable improvements to them. At Refresh Renovations Hampshire we’re helping residents prepare with a variety of renovations and home adaptations; against rising costs, increasing cold and unpredictable weather and accessibility developments.

What aspects of Damp Proofing do Refresh undertake?

There’s lots of protective and sustainable home details Refresh can manage, including:
- Green home designs
- ‍BREEAM sustainability assessments
- Eco-friendly house renovations
- Sustainable interior design
- Double/triple glazing
- Insulation
- Draught-stopping
- Underfloor heating
- Heating installation
- LED lighting installation
- Eco-friendly painting
- Solar panel installation
- Sourcing eco-friendly house materials

What are the trends in Damp Proofing at the moment?

Damp Proofing has soared in popularity as homeowners realise they can’t rely on simply blasting heating through their homes as they would normally in autumn and winter – because the energy price hikes render this unaffordable. While retrofitting damp proofing is more costly (usually because it would be included in the overall build bill but is a standalone project by itself), it is this that many are turning to out of necessity.

How much does Damp Proofing cost?

There are a myriad of Damp Proofing products and not everything is appropriate for every property or even every room in a property, so it needs to be curated carefully. The best way to get an accurate estimation for your job is to invite a Refresh Consultant for a home visit to scope out the project in person; for free and with no obligation to proceed, of course. 

Why choose Refresh for Damp Proofing?

Refresh are renovation specialists and we manage Damp Proofing as part of larger projects as well as on its own. Our end-to-end project management approach is award winning and takes the hassle out of homeowners having to oversee their works themselves; and it’s something you simply won’t find with any other Damp Proofing firm.

Will I need planning permission for Damp Proofing?

If Damp Proofing requires structural or architectural intervention, planning permission may be a legal requirement from your LPA (Local Planning Authority). Refresh work on both Damp Proofing projects that do and don’t require planning permission and should it be needed, manage the whole process as part of their standard operational service.

What areas do Refresh Hampshire operate in?

Refresh Hampshire take care of Damp Proofing in Alton, Fareham, Eastleigh, Petworth and the surrounding areas.

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