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Although it’s taken a while for plumbers and tradespeople to market online, the internet is now flooded with reviews and references for them – and as a result, it can be difficult to find a truly trusted, high-quality provider. Refresh Renovations work with a variety of specialist plumbers in their renovation projects but also embark on standalone plumbing jobs, facilitated by our expert team for homeowners throughout the county of Hampshire.

What aspects of plumbing do Refresh undertake?

We can manage plumbing as part of a renovation be it small or large, simple or complex. Our end-to-end project management approach covers:
- Bespoke bathroom design and installation
- Bathroom extensions
- Wet room installations
- Spa-style bathrooms
- Small bathroom custom storage solutions
- Customer design and build
- Full end-to-end project management

What are the trends in plumbing projects at the moment?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in demand for wet rooms and accessible bathrooms and toilets as homeowners look to future-proof their homes, as well as installations for en-suites in loft and garage conversions. Design-wise, natural materials such as wood and marble are popular, as well as bold tiling and black (or even coloured grouting). A standalone bath tub remains a luxurious favourite!

How much does plumbing cost?

Plumbing costs vary hugely due to the differing size, scopes and complexities of the jobs. A simplie in-situ bathroom refit costs between £4,5000 - £10,000+ but this is just one aspect of plumbing – so the best way to obtain an accurate quote is to invite a Refresh Consultant for a home visit.

Why choose Refresh for plumbing?

Refresh work with a myriad of plumbing specialists, spanning all trades and areas of specialism. We’re not just a firm of plumbers, but that’s what’s so advantageous to working with us – our team of curated professionals work entirely bespoke to your property project, and with completion-to-conception management, take care of every detail!

Will I need planning permission for my plumbing?

Plumbing is not subject to traditional planning permission but there are specialist plumbing regulations that must be adhered to. These protect water quality through British homes as well as maintain health and safety standards for the pipes and infrastructure itself. Refresh only works with plumbers fully qualified in this space and where applications or appeals need to be made for the installation or re-installation of plumbing, will manage this as part of their standard service. We continue to maintain great working relationships with the planning authorities throughout Hampshire so can rarely find a delay to progress as a result of having to work with them.

What areas do Refresh Hampshire operate in?

Refresh Hampshire take care of Damp Proofing in Southampton, Boredon, Petworth, Kings Worthy, Andover and the surrounding areas.

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