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Roofs are an underrated part of the home; often taken for granted and almost always left too long in disrepair. If your property roof has dislodged tiles, algae and mould or missing slates, the urgency of repair should not be misjudged. Such problems can lead to further issues and are likely to cost more than just a quick repair job long term.
Where an extension is being built and a roof needs resurfacing or building from scratch, this too can be taken care of by Refresh. No matter how big or small your job, Refresh’s team of roofers will take on the job – and our team of specialists even include thatchers, to cover rural projects through Hampshire.

What aspects of Roofing do Refresh undertake?

Refresh don’t just turn up, lay tiles, and leave. Our end-to-end management approach includes:
- Slating
- Tiling
- Roof installations
- Solar panel installations
- Roof re-modelling
- Extensions/additions
- Chimney repairs
- Insulation
- Carpentry
- Roofing repairs
- Gutter replacements
- Fascia and soffit replacements.

What are the trends in Roofing at the moment?

Durable roofing materials are growing in popularity and in recent years, we’ve seen metal, concrete, copper, asphalt and slate all become more mainstream as homeowners realise the benefits of non-traditional roofing. We’ve also recently worked on projects including reclaimed and even recycled materials as well as several piping and drainage systems on roofs to incorporate grey water systems.

How much does Roofing cost?

The cost of roofing project varies hugely; primarily due to the size of the area and the materials used. Re-tiling fees start at around £5,500+, but slate shingles cost considerably more (but last longer, so often make for a wise investment).

Why choose Refresh for Roofing?

Refresh picks and chooses the most specialist of staff for every renovation project and our books include a myriad of specialist roofers from all disciplines. This allows us to create the perfect team for your roofing job and ensure the project is completed to the highest of standards; all managed by a dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects and manage all parties.

Will I need planning permission for Roofing works?

Most roofing and re-roofing can be completed under Permitted Development Rights; that is, the rights that homeowners have to make reasonable adjustments and improvements to their own home. A Refresh Consultant and specialist roofer will be able to advise on exactly what administration permissions may be needed and can apply (and appeal) for them as necessary… or help you proceed without them if you’d prefer to avoid it and negate the hassle. 

What areas do Refresh Hampshire operate in?

Refresh Hampshire take care of Roofing in Southampton, Fareham, Chichester, Petersfield, Andover and the surrounding areas.

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