With a toolkit of skills derived from more than 15 years of renovation and new-build experience, Josh loves reinvigorating and modernising older homes, whilst maintaining their character and charm.

Having experienced living in more than twenty homes himself (he loves to renovate!!!), Josh has a vast understanding of what works well in a home from a true living perspective, how to improve the feel and performance of a home, and critically, how to make a renovation happen, on time and on budget.

Project management is not for the faint-hearted. Imagine dealing with ten or more different contractors, their timelines, their payment schedules, their questions and their needs, whilst juggling challenging deadlines and calmly helping clients navigate through the decisions involved in a renovation. There are so many balls to juggle and the highest level of attention to detail is required.

With a military background, Josh has his eyes firmly on all of the moving parts and is able to anticipate needs and obstacles, and negotiate for desired results. He relishes the challenge of bringing it all together and delivering a successful project for our clients.

Problem solving is one of the most critical skills a successful project manager holds, and Josh is an outstanding problem solver. Having identified the comfort and health issues encountered with cold homes, Josh made it his personal mission to find a better way, to build a warm sustainable home. Undertaking extensive research and experimentation for an optimum solution, Josh built a passive solar home.

When he’s not making renovation dreams come true for our clients, you may find Josh relaxing with his family, or putting his commercial pilot’s license to use as he flies high in the sky. And if there’s energy to burned off, look out for him on the streets and trails, as he prepares for his next crazy run event!

Josh is a man of many many talents and we’re proud to have him as one of our key team members.

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