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Asthma is a big problem in New Zealand, with one in four Kiwi kids suffering from the condition. The state of your ‘environment’ can play a significant role in aggravating respiratory conditions.

A high proportion of our homes are damp, leading to high levels of dust mites and mould – both known asthma triggers. You just about double your chances of developing asthma with visible mould in the home, which is not good news for Kiwis, as 35 per cent of our homes have visible mould. On top of this, we battle seasonal allergens like grass and tree pollens that enter our home during spring and summer.

With an HRV ventilation system, you can make your home a safe haven from irritants. Keeping your home well ventilated with fresh, filtered air helps to get rid of asthma triggers by removing moisture and filtering out allergens in the air. The new Seta filter, fitted to HRV ventilation systems, uses cutting-edge nanofibre technology infused with the powerful antibacterial properties of manuka to catch even the smallest irritants in the air. It traps allergens and other harmful particles, creating pure air free from bacteria, fungi and dust.

The Asthma Foundation has awarded the HRV ventilation system with a Sensitive Choice blue butterfly Trust Mark. Its panel of experts said it met all the requirements for a healthier home and is a better choice for people with asthma and allergies. HRV is the only ventilation company in New Zealand to have received the blue butterfly Trust Mark.

Every home is different, so if you would like to install a system, please be aware that the cost will vary depending on which system and filter you choose, and how many outlets you need.


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