Full Home Renovations in Manawatu

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Complete Home Renovation Services in Manawatu

Your home is more than a shelter - it’s your sanctuary. It’s your place to find peace after a busy day, raise a family, and connect with loved ones. If your home is feeling worn and tired, maybe it’s time for a complete renovation.

At Refresh, we aim to bring you  bespoke building and renovation services that are supportive, seamless, and stress-free. Let our Manawatu Renovation Consultants help you design, plan, and build a home you can be proud of.

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Refresh Renovations Complete Home Renovation services in Manawatu include:

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Why do people renovate a whole house? 

Entire home renovations in Palmerston North are common for a multitude of reasons. Older homes in the area benefit from repairs and maintenance. Some houses are renovated for the sole purpose of enhancing the style of the home and adding aesthetic appeal. Commonly, homes are renovated to enhance the house’s functionality to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Entire home renovations add value to a house - the more a homeowner puts in, the more they get out! Check out this beautiful and bright kitchen renovation that brought a new world of functionality to this Palmerston North home.

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Things to Consider When Renovating a House in Manawatu & Palmerston North

Renovating a house is no easy task. That’s why when you call on home renovation specialists like Refresh, we can take some of the stress out of the process and offer you a streamlined approach. Our Manawatu Renovation Consultants work within a clearly defined process to bring their expertise to the forefront and prioritise your budget and lifestyle. 

When you meet with your Renovation Consultant, you will want to know the general size and scope of the renovation, along with an approximate budget. Based on that information, your Renovation Consultant will provide an estimated timeline for the project and offer ways to cut down cost, if that’s a priority. They will inform you of building consent and any necessary permits before the project starts. 

Our Renovation Consultants have a wide network of trusted contractors and renovation builders in Palmerston North, as well as premium suppliers for your project. They will manage these teams and be your one point of contact for the duration of the renovation. At Refresh, we prioritise open communication so that the end result aligns with your vision.

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Do you need consents when renovating a house in Manawatu and Palmerston North?

The law requires building consent before you start on any building renovation project. Depending on your house plans in Palmerston North, you might need a few different permits. Your local Renovation Consultant will be able to inform you of what’s required and how to obtain the consent.

What are some common trends around home renovations in Palmerston North?

Open Concept Living Spaces

Don’t shy away from knocking down walls. Open concept living spaces are bright, airy, and welcoming. These versatile spaces add more natural light, and offer a seamless transition between rooms.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The bountiful scenic landscapes of Palmerston North provide the perfect backdrop for some of the latest house trends in New Zealand. Enjoy more time in nature with the addition of an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. Likewise, a conservatory is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without being exposed to the elements.

Smart Home Technology

Control lighting, sound systems, security, and more with the touch of a button.


More and more homeowners opt to customise their home with bespoke features that suit their lifestyle, like built-in storage solutions, unique design elements, and more. 

Check out this fully customised room design using recycled native timber.

Home trends are great sources of inspiration, but your lifestyle should dictate your design plan. Your Renovation Consultant will help you choose the right design that works with your needs.

Walk-in pantry with plentiful storage

The impact a full home renovation can have on your home

Choosing to renovate your entire home not only enhances you and your family’s quality of life, but it increases the value of your home. Your Renovation Consultant will ensure that your home renovations achieve whatever goals you set, whether it be making your home more functional, adding curb appeal, or giving the interior aesthetics a makeover. Are you planning to renovate your home for the first time? You should check out our guide on must-know renovation tips! Check it out now.

With Refresh at the helm of project management, you can rest easy knowing that the quality of work will be pristine. Our Renovation Consultants work closely with a network of dedicated contractors and suppliers that have proven their outstanding work time and time again.

Discover how this 1950’s bathroom turned from drab to fab with brand new fixtures and modern touches.

What are the pros of using a project management firm for my renovation?

When you engage renovation specialists like Refresh for your project, you can expect exceptional service. Your Renovation Consultant does the hard work of organising a timeline and managing contractors on your behalf, so you’ll be able to stay in the loop without getting bogged down by the complexities of the project. Plus, your Renovation Consultant has a unique eye for detail to assure the quality of work exceeds your expectations.

When you try to do the work yourself of organising your renovation’s builders, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors, you might end up paying a heftier price. Our streamlined approach and great relationship with local contractors makes sure you get the best price and quality of work.

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What sets Refresh apart?

Our mission is to provide our expertise to create your dream home on time, within your budget, and to exceed your expectations. The second step of the Refresh Process is the Concept & Feasibility stage, where your initial ideas are translated into visual concepts and rough costings so your Renovation Consultant can assess the feasibility of what you would like to build. We'll analyse your project to identify risks or constraints and explore ideas for different ways to meet your brief and budget range.

“We have always had confidence in Refresh because once a project is accepted they accompany the tradesman on the first visit, visit the site at intervals as the work progresses and visit again with the appropriate tradesman to sign off the work, ensuring at all stages that we are 100% satisfied.”

“We continue to enjoy the renovations and will gladly use this team for any future building work.”

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Looking for a Renovation Quote in Manawatu & Palmerston North?

Our process begins with an initial consultation so our team can understand your goals before digging into the cost. To arrange yours, just book your free consultation now with a local Manawatu Renovation Consultant.