Living Room Design Trends for 2021

Get inspired, top living room trends for 2021 and beyond.

A living room with sofa and central table

Most of us spend a great deal of time in our living rooms, and so it can be easy to not see the wood for the trees when it comes to décor. Living rooms easily feel stale; which is nonsensical for a space in which so much happens. These are the top living room trends for interior designers through 2021 and beyond… so read up, feel inspired and get decorating!
A warehouse style living room with lots of house plants

Go Green

The UK’s thirst for houseplants and bringing the outside in because we spent so much of the last two years unable to leave our homes has yet to abate and it looks as though it will continue for quite some time yet. 
Larger leafy plants add a sense of escapism to décor and small succulents can be mixed and matched to create a design statement. Adding in some natural tones and grounding colours through paint and furnishings can lend to the sense of nature and nurture, and of course – plants release oxygen and improve air quality, so you’ll be breathing better too.

Look… Down

Hard flooring continues to be a trend in interior circle through 2021 but even if you do have carpets, how much of an aesthetic do they really lend to your living room? Statement rugs and runners can be layered to create a focal point and to inject some colour and feeling into an otherwise often underused style opportunity.
Big bold prints or fresh colours can make a room feel brand new in a flash – just buy, unroll and find the perfect position.

Select Soft Shades

Neutral tones have long been the natural choice for most homeowners and landlords, but interior trends are starting to see this slip away and people embrace softer, versatile shades that make more of a statement.
Blue is the key colour for paint and furnishings through 2021 and in to 2022; perfect for living rooms where you wish to form a sense of tranquility and relaxation to combat against the hectic goings on the space sees every day. Blues balance calm and vibrancy in a way a simple magnolia can’t.

Add Panelling

While the Mrs Hinch effect of grey and white everything seems to be falling out of favour, one key feature of her interior décor is here to stay: the everyday opulent grandeur of panelling. Most modern homes don’t have panelled walls as standard but they can easily be ‘faked’ and added in, then painted over. 
The everyday opulence trend can also be reflected in less dramatic ways – adding in occasion furniture, big light fittings, velvet soft furnishings and using bold, rich colours such as navy blues and emeralds.
A luxury living room with large sofa and soft furnishings

Add Textures 

Adding in soft furnishings and upholstery is an easy enough job to do, but interior trends are seeing the appetite for colour pops waning and instead textured items taking off.
Mixing and matching textures such as boucle, fur, fleece and natural fibres contrasts beautifully and brings a real sense of comfort and homeliness to a room. Similarly, large plain items such as wooden tables can help balance out any more opulent pieces and ground the aesthetics nicely.


Millions of people worldwide have worked from home more in the last two years than ever before, yet not millions of people have access to a full home office. As a result, we’ve seen living rooms and other living spaces become multi-functional in their uses – and this isn’t likely to change now we’ve all adopted some versatility.
Don’t be afraid to introduce pieces to your living room that make your life easier if you use it as a space for different activities. Ottomans and other storage unit can store smaller items that don’t necessarily fit the intended room theme, and fold-down desks can provide an office from 9-5 that can be easily packed away for an evening off.


Scandinavian minimalism looks great, but for chaotic family homes it is rarely achievable long term. Instead, mixing and matching maximalism highlights individuality and lends a sense of fun and quirkiness to a living room.
Vibrant colours, clashing prints and bold outlines and silhouettes in timeless pieces balance value and provenance with a sense of proper design and style. Larger items can be purchased from junk emporiums and scrapyards to save on the investment but not miss out on the fun.

Lay Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is not many people’s first choice for a living room but it is fast growing in popularity amongst interior designers as homeowners recognise its versatility and durability.
You need a low maintenance floor for a room that’s used so often, and vinyl is cheap, lasts a long time and can create a brilliant raw feel that allows you to design the rest of the room around it with a neutral base. Vinyl can be rolled out and supplied in single plain colours, so there’s no need to mess about with tiles or lengthy installation.

Utilise ALL The Wall Space

Nooks and crannies in living rooms often go unused, but all too often walls are the most under-utilised space.  Shelves can be placed above doors or walkways and prints hung in a gallery style low as well as high. 
Utilising all of your wall space, particularly in a maximalist style for prints and pictures creates a quirky vibrant feel and ensures there’s always something for guests to look at.
A country style living room with lots of storage and space used
Living rooms are often the most used room of the house and yet because we spend so much time in them, they often go forgotten and overlooked in terms of design. These easy tips and trends can be done quickly and really overhaul the feel of the space – so what are you waiting for? Get designing and decorating! 

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