How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen and Bathroom in NZ

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen and Bathroom in NZ

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Ready to embark on your kitchen or bathroom renovation journey, but wondering how much it is all going to cost? Refresh is here to help!

Our Christchurch Renovation team focuses on bespoke kitchen and bathroom renovations so that we can tailor the designs to suit your tastes – and your budget. With Refresh, no construction begins until you’re completely comfortable with the detailed working plan and agreed costings. No one wants to risk a nasty budget blow out!

Read on to find answers to some of the most common questions our customers have, or, if you want personalised advice, get in touch with one of our local Renovation Consultants for a free, one-hour consultation today.  

What is the difference between a remodel and a renovation?

While the terms might sound the same, technically a remodel and a renovation are different. A remodel changes the purpose or structure of a room, such as adding a new shower to an existing bathroom, while a renovation focuses more on restoring something old into good repair, such as repainting kitchen cupboards or sanding kitchen floors. Often though, the terms are used interchangeably by homeowners. The cost of your remodel or renovation will depend entirely on the scope of the work, but often a renovation that involves refreshing existing materials will be more budget-friendly than a full remodel. 

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How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Christchurch?

The cost of kitchen renovations in Christchurch will vary depending on the size of your space and the materials you choose. For inspiration about what can be achieved with different budgets, check out completed projects like this fantastic kitchen revival in Riccarton, or this beautiful kitchen renovation and flooring update in Christchurch, both of which were delivered while sticking closely to an agreed budget. 

What are some modern kitchen renovation ideas?

The all-white kitchen trend is waning but that doesn’t mean that neutrals are out of style. Combining natural materials such as stone, concrete, and warm timbers delivers a chic, contemporary look with lots of visual interest from the mixed materials.

Open concept layouts are a priority for many as they create a spacious look and are great for entertaining guests. When combined with a large kitchen island that features seating and plenty of storage, you’ll have a highly functional design that looks fantastic, especially with statement lighting! 

You can read more about modern kitchen renovations here, discover fantastic kitchen renovation tips in this handy article, or better yet talk to our expert kitchen consultants who can design a show-stopping space, or a budget kitchen, that is perfectly suited to your style.

How much do bathroom renovations cost in Christchurch?

How much is a new bathroom? The cost of your bathroom renovation in Christchurch will depend on the size of your space and your design choices. Walk-in, tiled showers look stunning but will be more expensive than an acrylic-lined shower, so determine early on what is important to you and whether your renovation will be design or budget-led.

As an example, this modern bathroom renovation in Christchurch was achieved for $47,000* and included a tiled shower, brushed nickel features, and a vessel top sink. For a better idea of costs specific to your project, get in touch with your local Renovation Consultant. We are here to help achieve your vision within your budget. 

Black themed kitcheb

What are some modern bathroom renovation ideas?

Homeowners looking for a modern bathroom makeover love choices like edgeless shower glass and brushed metal tapware for the modern aesthetic, and neutral colour palettes combined with natural materials like timber and concrete that provide a chic, contemporary feel. For those who like to be bold, dark and moody hues always make a statement!

Homeowners also want to make their bathroom feel like a sanctuary, so luxe touches such as vessel top vanities, walk-in showers, and free-standing baths are proving popular for Christchurch residents. For those wanting to brighten small spaces, white fixtures, tile, and paint remain classic choices. 

For more inspiration, small bathroom ideas, shower installation advice, or modern bathroom designs, check out our ultimate guide to bathroom renovations. For more kitchen renovation tips, check out this handy article.

Feature tiles in the bathroom

Can I reduce my bathroom or kitchen renovation costs?

Bathrooms and kitchens are typically two of the most expensive areas of your home to renovate, but there are ways to be budget savvy. Evaluate your needs vs wants, work with your Renovation Consultant to determine what can be reused, and make smart choices when it comes to fittings and fixtures.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style; you may choose an entry level vanity for your bathroom but invest in higher end tapware to achieve a luxe look for less. Subway style tile will be cheaper to lay than herringbone, and in the kitchen, kitset, budget- friendly installations can be elevated with customised hardware. This light and bright renovation is a fantastic example of how your Renovation Consultant will work hard to achieve your vision within your budget.

(P.S.  Don’t try to reduce costs by cutting corners. That will cost you more in the long run, and is one of the five common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid!)

Making a house a home with a flooring update and new kitchen in Burwood, Christchurch

Ready to Renovate? Let’s talk!

We’re Christchurch experts when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations and we are committed to working within your budget! So if you’re ready to begin your renovation journey, get in touch with your local Refresh Renovation Consultants for a free, one-hour consultation today.

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