What to Consider Before Your Next Christchurch Renovation

Planning is the biggest contributing factor to a successful home renovation. There’s so much to coordinate, from builders to permits to schedules and beyond, that if you don’t have everything planned to a T, your project will likely descend into chaos.

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Planning your Christchurch Renovation

From the aesthetics to the must haves, the documentation to the detail, every successful renovation goes much smoother with an expert at the helm. Here’s our Renovation Consultant’s expert advice on what factors you need to consider when you’re planning your Christchurch renovation.

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Interior design

Whether you have your own ideas or want to hire a professional designer, deciding on the interior design plans early is a smart move. Things can change fast during a renovation, so having a plan laid out will help you make well-informed decisions as your project progresses. 

This also makes scheduling easier and cost estimates more accurate. For example, if you have your heart set on a custom piece of furniture from an artisan with a waiting list, it’s better to know ahead of time so you can plan around a late delivery. 

Structural changes

A new layout will have a significant positive impact on your home’s functionality, but it will take some planning for a seamless execution. If time is of the essence, like-for-like renovations typically have a faster turnaround and can yield equally fantastic results. 

Consent applications

Not all renovation projects require council approval, but others will, especially when it comes to renovating a heritage home in Christchurch. Applications and wait times should be built into your schedule, as the council consent process is notoriously slow moving. If you’re working with a professional, sometimes it pays to discuss alternative plans that don’t require consent.  

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Project management or DIY

Kiwi ingenuity may serve you well on minor DIY projects or fixes, but when it comes to large-scale renovations, professional project managers prove their worth time and time again. From questions about design choices to dealing with contractors’ challenging schedules, having a professional on your side will alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress, especially during the active construction period. 

Take this Wainoni bathroom renovation for example. There was an issue with a delivery but, thanks to their Renovation Consultant’s established industry relationships, the renovation continued and finished without further delay. 

How long do renovations take in Christchurch?

Every project’s scope is unique, and when you factor in other potential variables like material wait-times, supply chain, and how long it takes to find the right contractors, it’s impossible to provide a general estimate. 

At Refresh, we’ve built this conversation into our 5-step process, so we can help homeowners manage their expectations and plan their lives accordingly. 

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Before and after photos of Christchurch home renovations

More than transformational before and after photos, we have some stories here of local home renovations executed by our fantastic Christchurch team–you can use the slider feature to compare the spaces before and after they were renovated!

Riccarton kitchen renovation

  • $129,000 February 2023

Kitchen and flooring update in Burwood

  • $112,000 December 2022

Living-level renovation in Hoon Hay

  • $123,000 May 2022

If you’re interested in learning more about full home renovation costs, you can check out this article.

Want to renovate your Christchurch home without the stress of managing it yourself?

We’re here to help! Simply get in touch with our Christchurch team to arrange a consultation. We offer free initial consultations so homeowners can get familiar with our 5-step process, share their goals, and talk about ideas for their renovation!

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