Asif Hameed - South London Renovation Builder
Project description
A full home renovation with a fast turnaround!
Chris Jones
May 2021
Project duration
8 Weeks
Actual cost
A short project duration from property purchase to moving in.
Interesting aspects
light and airy kitchen and bathroom designs
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3C Home Renovations LTD Ltd in Greater London - South is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

A full house renovation including kitchen, bathrooms and energy efficiencies.

Fully renovating a home is a large undertaking, even at the best of times. When your full home renovation includes two bathrooms, a new kitchen, new boiler and replacement windows throughout this could become completely unmanageable. Luckily, these savvy homeowners in got in touch with our South London Refresh Renovation Specialist, Asif Hameed who took care of their project from start to finish, enabling them to have a hassle free home renovation. 

A Modern Traditional Kitchen Design

The slick lines of the high gloss cabinets and modern handles perfectly offset the more traditional elements like the oak worktop and metro tiles in this on-trend kitchen design. Our Refresh Renovation Consultant worked with kitchen designers to create a kitchen which optimized the fragmented nature of the space, and made the most of the natural light coming in through the new windows and patio doors. Raising the oven to sit at a mid level height, keeps the hot elements away from tiny hands, and saves the backs of the resident chefs. The chrome elements of this project flow throughout the design for a consistent aesthetic.  

A Spacious Shower Design

Large shower enclosures are a cost effective and stylish way of achieving a wet room style bathroom, without having the cost of fully tanking a bathroom. Many homeowners are opting for large shower trays with full length glass enclosures, and suppliers have taken this demand on board with many bathroom suppliers offering larger and larger specifications.

This modern bathroom design with its smooth rounded lines on the suite perfectly offsets the sharp horizontal tile lines, with the white and neutral tonal combination making for a light and airy aesthetic which carries throughout the property.

Gorgeous Home Renovation on a Tight Timeline

In this buoyant property market, it can be difficult to find the perfect property, but with the help of your local Refresh Renovations Specialist, any property has the potential to be your dream home. Asif worked with the customers to design their perfect kitchen, bathrooms alongside a handful of upgrades to the efficiency of the home including a new boiler and new windows throughout. 

The project had to be completed in stages, scheduled to begin upon completion on the property purchase to enable the customer to move in to an already finished property. This meant that the scheduling and organisation of the project was key. Works on the 1st and second floors was delivered very quickly to enable to the client to move into the property as soon as possible. The total project duration was a mere 8 weeks, which for a project of this scale is exceptional in terms of turnaround, and goes to show, that with the right team, proper organisation and expert project management, the sky really is the limit for home renovations. 

Here at Refresh Renovations we pride ourselves on delivering on our promises, and achieving high quality projects, designed to the customers specifications; A renovation process which is correctly managed, allowing our customers to enjoy a hassle free renovation. This gorgeous full house renovation, achieved in just 8 weeks is testament to the abilities of our Renovation Specialists and their teams! 


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