A Major Modern Kitchen-Diner Renovation in Surrey

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A large open plan kitchen and living area that overlooks the garden

The homeowners of this stunning abode wanted to extend their kitchen to really drill down its focus as the centre of the home

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Bordering the National Trust areas of Witley and Milton Commons, the village of Milton in Surrey is a picturesque semi-rural location with some beautiful properties available. The houses here are very much what most of us would consider to be ‘forever homes’ and so it’s no surprise that where homeowners are able to, they choose to renovate and refurbish their properties rather than sell up and move on.
The homeowners of this stunning abode wanted to extend their kitchen to really drill down its focus as the centre of the home; perfect for cooking and enjoying family meals as well as to use as a social space. Inviting their local Refresh Renovations team in was just the start – and a serious unexpected obstacle was uncovered on the way.
A large open plan kitchen extension

Extending to create an airy open-plan space

A 36 metre squared ground floor rear extension was made to create the new open-plan space, comprising a large kitchen, dining area and extended living space. The kitchen was installed entirely afresh and the newly built area (the dining and extended living area) completely fitted out. 
As with any extension, Refresh Renovations advised on planning permissions required and liaised directly with the LPA (Local Planning Authority) to ensure that all works were completed to both legal and best practice standards. Required paperwork and admin was filed by the Refresh Renovations Project Consultant – preventing the homeowners from having to complete lengthy and complicated forms and processes that they may not have had previous experience in doing. 
A large open plan extension overlooking the garden

Tackling challenges

Standard extension requirements aside, the property is situated at the end of an AONB (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty). These locations dictate some additional restraints to property developments, with restrictions set on the machinery and other transportation able to pass through. The Refresh Renovations Project Consultant had experience in working with such constraints and so this issue was overcome quickly and easily without interrupting the project’s progress.
Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit both led to supply issues for materials needed – both in terms of delayed lead times and material availability. In this case, the Refresh Renovations team were able to utilise their strategic contacts to source materials from elsewhere to avoid undue downtime from progress made. Refresh Renovation’s industry relationships and comprehensive expertise were paramount to the success of this development, where perhaps others would not have been able to continue uninterrupted. 
A kitchen with dark cabinets but is really light and airy

Skylight installation to brighten the space

The photos of this renovation really bring to life just how spectacularly light and airy this kitchen-diner space is. This is in no small part thanks to the installation of two large skylights in the ceiling above the kitchen. These large rectangular-shaped skylights allow for natural light to pour through the room from sunrise until dusk and combined with lightly coloured kitchen counters and immaculate white walls, the sunlight simply bounces off surfaces all around the room, keeping it inviting and fresh.
Spotlights installed around the skylights in a ‘Hollywood-dressing-room-mirror’-esque style help further brighten the room and provide stunning illuminations even as the sun begins to set. All other windows and doors in the space are also rectangular to match, bringing a sense of smart design cohesion throughout both the newly constructed space and existing rooms. 
The extended dining area

Combining lights with darks for a modern finish

The kitchen itself was furnished in a dark blue for the units with light granite worktops, bright white walls and a light floor. This basic colour palette feels smart without compromising on light levels but also allows for colour ‘pops’ to be introduced elsewhere throughout the room with appliances, soft furnishings, houseplants and flowers.
Plenty of storage space throughout the kitchen means that the homeowners are able to choose what to display and what not to, curating the look and feel of the room to a tee. This allows for seasonal changes to be made and coloured accents to be introduced as and when desired to suit appropriate occasions and events; allowing the room to be ‘dressed’ in any way the homeowner likes. 

Dispelling with traditional dining room décor

The homeowners were very keen for this kitchen-diner to be somewhere people wanted to spend time and so dispelled with the traditional long dining room table that can so often feel rigid and formal. Instead, the dining room space was decorated minimally with a neutral palette to again allow for colour accents in ornaments and small décor. The large windows and French doors along one wall of the dining area very much present an al-fresco au-naturel feel, and so combined with the oodles of natural light, the focus is very much on combining the great outdoors with the comfort within.
Small comfy chairs, hygge comfy furnishings and bright ornaments facilitate laidback places for people to sit, eat and drink but without feeling too restricted or formal – but equally facilitating the ability for more ceremonial or ‘proper’ interior design to be invoked easily, if coveted. 
Zoning of rooms

Zoning areas with flooring and decoration

Although a large and open-plan space, the kitchen-diner still needed a degree of separation through interior design to best identify which area was which. The light coloured new floor installed through the kitchen swept across to the entrance hall and the dining room space instead had a bright and glossy pine floor finish. 
Interior design was kept cohesive without entirely matching; with both rooms using a neutral base palette to be accessorised with colour pops throughout. This allows for the colours to change with the seasons and mood of the house, or just whenever the homeowners feel like a change.

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This project was completed in
November 2021
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A Major Modern Kitchen-Diner Renovation
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