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Refresh Renovations Remodeling Consultants service the following areas: From South Beach and Key Biscayne to Palmetto Bay, Hialeah, Opa-Locka, and Homestead.

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Refresh Renovations Remodeling Consultants service the following areas: From South Beach and Key Biscayne to Palmetto Bay, Hialeah, Opa-Locka, and Homestead.
The common notion that renovations are stressful was a driving force behind establishing Refresh Renovations. We believe that home improvement should be an enjoyable experience, one that’s fueled by inspiration and excitement, so we’ve made it our mission to change the way the world renovates by putting homeowners first. 
Comprehensive planning and transparent communication are the foundation for delivering a stress-free renovation with fantastic results. Our Remodeling Consultants will be your go-to for anything related to your project; from ideation to execution, they’ll take care of it all while always remaining your single point of contact. No more working around contractors’ schedules and trying to coordinate who’s coming when. Let us handle that. 
More than just project managers, our Remodeling Consultants work closely with homeowners from start to finish. This means the early stages of planning, concept creation, and providing cost estimates, through to the construction process and final project handover. They’re here to champion your project, keeping everyone on the same page while ensuring you have all the important information without overwhelming you with everyday minutia. 
“I just had the first consultation with the Refresh team for a complete kitchen remodel. They were very professional, the materials used for their presentation were unbelievable, and they even have their own magazine! Looking forward to the next stages of the process.” — Refresh client, Graciela Rodriguez
Magic City is home to hot sun, multicultural art scenes, and an eclectic collection of architectural styles: Classic Art Deco along Miami Beach, Bahamian Conch homes in Overtown, and the Frame Vernacular properties found in Lummus Park. From modern new developments to older historic properties, there’s something for everyone in Miami. 
Whether you’re a landlord, snowbird, or a permanent resident, our Remodeling Consultants are local to the Miami area and here to help you spruce up your property. As part of Miami’s community, our Remodeling Consultants are well-versed with the area’s unique requirements and can offer bespoke design solutions, inspiration, and advice that pertains to your specific property. 
“The team was so easy to work with! They do everything by the book and keep to their word with timelines. The quality of work is impeccable and the outcome exceeded our expectations! We especially loved the app we were able to use to watch the daily progress and see all the things we needed to complete. We highly recommend Refresh for your renovation needs!”— Refresh client Susan Bonsignore
Bathroom and kitchen remodels are some of Miami’s most popular projects but we’re here to help, from top to bottom and everything in between, whether that’s attic renovations or basement remodels. 
But beyond project types and aesthetics, we prioritize your experience. From your initial consultation through to project delivery you can expect fantastic customer-centric service and honest, straightforward communication from our trusted Remodeling Consultants, all backed by the proven Refresh process. 

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