Refresh Renovations, alongside sister companies Zones Landscaping and Oncore Maintenance, is taking part in the Property Investor online mini series

The mini series acts as a space for knowledgeable investors to share their insights and tips to help you make an informed decision on if a property is right for you. It is a free, educational series that provides a glimpse into what the upcoming mega series will be about. 

The series consists of four videos that explains in depth what separates serious and successful investors from the rest. It provides strategies and tools to help you gain clarity about your investment journey and includes fantastic expert knowledge and technical details. 

What's included in the series?

  • 28 Modules, with 2 delivered each week.
  • Incredible content from 27 EXPERTS to maximise your knowledge.
  • Speaker notes, already done for you, just add your own comments.
  • Business tools used by the best, adapted for you and your property journey and available to download.
  • Resources specific to speakers available for download.
  • 12+ weeks of content
  • Over 30  hours of video


  • 4 Comprehensive planning guides.
  • $$$ in special offers from the Experts.
  • BONUS training course "Tightrope" to make work life balance a reality.
  • SPECIAL Modules on The future of Property Investment in NZ & The Auckland Unitary Plan.

You can sign up for the mini series here. Get started now to begin your property investment transformation! 

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