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When it’s pouring with rain or blowing a gale, you want reassurance that your roofing is going to stay weather-tight (and actually on your roof).

When it comes to Wellington roofers, you can’t look past Refresh Renovations. Refresh is your local renovation and roofing expert. Wherever in and around the capital you live, you can be confident in your roofing, regardless of Wellington’s wild weather.

Why choose Refresh?

Refresh Renovations has years of experience designing roofing solutions to suit Wellington’s unique weather conditions. For example, if you live in a high wind zone, we’ll find a solution that provides the right number of fixings and spacing of purlins to prevent your roof from blowing off during the next storm. The region experiences lots of earthquakes, so our Wellington roofers will consider the weight of the roof in their design. Hailstorms are fairly common so we’ll take the strength and durability of products into account too. Geothermal areas impact lifespan and material lifespan while in the unlikely occurrence of snowfall in the capital, our Wellington roof installers will make sure we get the pitch right.

Of course, Refresh doesn’t just do roofs. Because we’re a renovation company first and foremost (it’s in the name, after all), every job we do directly relates to the needs of your overall home. The combination of price and results is really important which is why our entire offering revolves around the two. No project starts without a clear idea of timeframe and budget which minimises stress and keeps budget overruns to a minimum. (Check out this cost estimate for an idea of how much a roofing project could cost on a basic budget)

The best bit about completing a roofing project with Refresh? Your dedicated point of contact will manage the whole project from beginning to end, which means you can sit back, relax and focus on what you’d rather be doing – like enjoying your new roof. Because our Wellington roof installers work alongside preferred suppliers, we can often get cheaper rates plus our regular trades teams add that degree of commitment and loyalty everyone likes on a job this important.

What roofing services does Refresh provide?

Refresh can take care of all of your roofing needs, including:

  • Exterior painting
  • Roof repairs
  • Installing roof shingles
  • Installation new roofing
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof extensions 

What are my roofing options?

A roof is just a roof, right? Well, no. There are many different roofing products and systems on the market, and whether they suit your home or not depends a lot on the construction of the rest of the property. For example, the roofing product you use on the roof of an old-style villa will be different to what you’d use on a classic brick-and-tile build. Hip, gable, mono-pitch, villa and Dutch gable roofs are just some of the options out there, and while it could get confusing for DIYers, you’ve got nothing to worry about with an expert like Refresh Renovations onsite.

Whether it’s concrete tiles, pressed steel tiles, clay tiles, timber shingle, asphalt shingles or long run steel, Refresh promises to design a solution that ticks all your roofing requirements. When designing your new roof we won’t offer you a cookie-cutter solution; we’ll take the uniqueness of your home and the external factors it experiences and find the perfect fit.

How much will my project cost?

For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific requirements, please contact your local renovation specialist. For a rough cost guide, check out our roofing project estimates.  

Whether you’re sick of leaks, rattling iron, colour or style, Refresh Renovations has your roofing needs covered. Give the friendly team a call today to discuss your options.

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