Liam was born and raised in Wellington. He first began to learn to build when he started his pre-trade with Whitireia at age 17. The course taught him the basic knowledge and skills of building a simple house and gave him his first big step towards an apprenticeship to become a builder.

Since then, Liam has expanded his knowledge and building skills through working for Refresh and is in his first year of a building apprenticeship. He first joined Refresh in October 2016 on a casual basis in between the pre-trade and has been a full time employee since July 2017.

Liam enjoys working for the Refresh team because each person he has met within the company has been funny, kind, and helpful. Refresh has been nothing but a positive move for him due to the company assisting with his apprenticeship. He is constantly developing his existing skills and each day he moves one step closer to becoming a qualified builder. He is truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful company. Outside of work Liam enjoys spending time with friends, gaming, skating and a bit of reading.

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