The Wood Low Down

The wood low down and clever carpentry ideas for your home

A carpenter working and his tools

Wood is often the overlooked essential part of your house. From the floors to the windows and doors, a large number of fundamental elements are created using timber. Nobody likes to have creaky windows or uneven floorboards so it is essential that you make sure when deciding to renovate your home, you work with a well-qualified carpenter for the job. 
Carpenters are highly skilled craftsmen who are experts in woodwork inventing all sorts of wooden constructions from entire house frameworks to custom kitchens or ornate details on wooden trims, and will often create master-pieces with wood. 
If you want to give your home a stunning look with classic or antique woodwork, our Refresh Renovation specialists can help you find a professional carpenter to avoid the common hitches of wood renovation projects.
A skilled carpenter can help you create marvels with wood for your home remodel while keeping your project on track and costs at a minimum. Have a read of our top tips for hiring a professional carpentry service. 
Wooden internals of a house

What does a carpenter do?

Carpenters can carry out many different woodworking tasks needed for your home - or if you have your eye on something unique or different, they can often work up custom projects and designs. They can frame walls and partitions, install doors and windows, build wooden stairs and install cabinets and wood trims. There are two main types of carpentry work, but a well trained and experienced carpenter will be able to move between residential, commercial constructions and restoration projects.
Raw/Rough carpenters 
Mainly focus on structural work and the more complex jobs such as framework, scaffolding, support structures, flooring and window frames.
Finished/Ornamental carpenters
These are the carpenters focussing on the final or finished look of a renovation or build project such as stairs, windows, decks, intricate woodwork and trims.

Why hire a professional carpenter?

When it comes to a home renovation or remodel, even the smallest of detail matters. New woodwork is a great way to increase the value of your home and to maximise the opportunity, a professional with a good reputation is wise.
Carpenters are given special training and have better knowledge about different techniques used to make the different wooden objects. They use different machines, tools, equipment and devices for various purposes like measurement, cutting, trimming, attaching and detaching. Also, a lot of their tasks are done manually as well.
They have the right tools
Carpentry is not an easy job and it requires multiple and sometimes specialist tools. If you opt for a DIY solution you might find you don’t have all the necessary tools and buying them might be costly so it can be better to hire a professional and let them do the job.
They have relevant experience
Attempting a home renovation project on your own can sometimes push you into problems that are hard to resolve. Refresh Renovations can help you avoid any such situation, their team of skilled professionals come with years of experience in the field to ensure a satisfactory job.
Wooden stairs
Diversity of expertise
Another compelling reason for using a carpentry service. You can ask with confidence for them to do any job from designing the structure to the finishing touches of your home.
A professional carpenter through experience can be quick and efficient at completing your project. Their services can make home owners dreams come true at an affordable price.
A quality finish
They have the technical knowledge necessary for any type of construction where timber is the raw material. A professional must be hired if the finish is to carry a mark of quality.
Creation of blueprints and plans
A carpenter can create a rough plan for the entire project to understand how it is to be made in a better way. Directly creating the wooden article can lead to mistakes and therefore waste of resources, time and money. A rough layout beforehand is essential.
Measure and construct
It is a tough job for an inexperienced person to understand the measurements in the correct proportions and build the required object. A carpenter will understand the proportions much better through dealing with wood on a regular basis, enabling them to customize your furniture according to the floor space available within your home.
Other trades
The entire process of a home renovation cannot be completed alone. At Refresh Renovations, we take care of the entire team who can assist with the completion of the project.

Hiring a reliable carpenter? 

Hiring reputable and trustworthy contractors can be a minefield. Luckily, with Refresh taking care of every detail of your home renovation project, including your custom carpentry work, you needn’t worry about hiring a carpenter. Your Refresh Renovation Specialist will have teams of exceptional tradespeople to take care of your project from start to finish. Speak to your local Refresh Specialist today to discuss your carpentry project. 
A beautiful kitchen with wood detailing and wood furniture

5 clever carpentry ideas to consider when renovating your home

If you need extra storage, a clever seat to sit on or to transform the look and feel of an area of your living space, these clever carpentry ideas might be the ideal addition to your home.

Hide your TV

As enjoyable as a TV series or a film in the evening is, many of us prefer that screens weren’t always on show. Hide the TV by fitting it into a bespoke housing unit.

Make a multi-purpose seat

A nifty idea for your kitchen is a seat at the end of the run of units. Make use of any leftover space at the end by building a low storage drawer with a cushioned seat above. It’s the perfect spot for chatting while someone else is cooking.

Slide away

Sliding doors help separate areas and zones within the home. Beautiful sliding barn style doors which open up to each zone make a light, airy, connected space.

Reclaim and recycle

For breathtaking results from your renovation, use reclaimed wood or mismatched pieces for work surfaces, islands, bathroom cabinets or beds. An environmentally friendly choice, the use of reclaimed wood has seen a huge surge in popularity and can really add to the appeal of your project.

Ace your hallway storage

A bespoke piece of storage can be game-changing in a hallway. Create a shoe and coat rack, that fits perfectly in the space and has an area for everything – a shoe storage bench at the bottom, a hanging board for coats and cabinets at the top for umbrellas, dog leads and cycle helmets.

Talk to Refresh!

Ready to start discussing your clever carpentry ideas? Contact our Refresh Renovation specialists to kick start your next home improvement project.

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