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We used Wayne at Refresh to help us renovate our kitchen. We are about to embark on another project and didn’t think twice about calling Wayne again. He was always a pleasure to work with, personable and gave us constant feedback and updates on the project. It also appears that he has selected a group of high-quality contractors who, in their own right, were very pleasant to deal with. Everyone shows up, we believe, because of their connection with Wayne and that getting the job done right was the main thing for all parties. Having Wayne involved removed a lot of stress and uncertainty with the building process as he is thorough and has excellent attention to detail. We wouldn’t consider undertaking any building project like this without his help and assistance.

Debbie and John Wapp

Refresh was one of three renovation companies we met with to discuss our renovation project. They were the only company that followed up with me after the initial meeting. After a couple more meetings to discuss the scope of the project I felt comfortable I could work with Jim Gleeson, the franchise owner and entered into a contract. The renovation was not small - a completely new kitchen and bathroom, removal of an internal wall, moving a toilet, refitting the laundry, installation of bamboo flooring, painting, carpeting and general repairs were required for the entire house.

Jim was an extremely responsive project manager and was highly visible for the duration of the project. The trades people used were professional and for the most part very efficient. No renovation project goes entirely to plan, but Jim dealt directly with any glitches, keeping me well informed along the way. I made a number of changes as the project progressed - these were accommodated without issue. The project ran close to two weeks over the projected end date, but the team worked hard, putting in some long hours to ensure things were done by Christmas.

You pay more to have a renovation company manage your renovation project. I was aware of that before we started, but it was so worth it to not have to source product, deal with contractors, spend masses of time on things we have no knowledge about or experience with. Using a renovation company may not be for everyone, but based on my experience I would definitely use Refresh and in particular Jim Gleeson again - and will in fact be contacting him for phase 2 of the planned improvements of my most valuable asset.

Cheryl Kirkness

We asked refresh to come and quote on a small renovation of our kitchen in our 1980s two storey house. We had no idea how Refresh worked at the time so we were flying blind. After being in touch with Refresh national they put us in contact with the local franchise and Wayne Gordon. This process was fast and efficient and Wayne was so friendly and helpful. He came back quickly with all quotes and plans and the process was so easy we ended up extending our renovations to include the bathroom, toilet upstairs and downstairs flooring and laundry. Wayne stayed in contact throughout the consent and building, project managing everything. I changed more than one detail last minute and none of the changes phased Wayne or his team. Any communication issues were rectified with no fuss and we were left with exactly what we wanted. I would reccomend Wayne and refresh renovations as being a practical affordable way to build extend or renovate.

Ayesha Middleton

We found Wayne a capable and pleasant manager, quick to deal with even the smallest issues as they arose. The builders onsite doing the renovations of bathroom and kitchen, around a family of five, were both pleasant and professional. A team member happily made several return visits to deal with the ongoing hassle of grass seed that wouldn't take after completion of the project. We continue to enjoy the renovations and will gladly use this team for any future building work.

Anne Bellringer

Great contact, great communication.

Viv Hurnen

We have only good comments to make about the professional and efficient manner in which our bathroom renovation was carried out. Being a small room with limited options for the layout, Kim was able to come up with a plan that not only met our criteria, but looks very modern, and is also, very user friendly. Kim and her team of contractors had tips along the way which helped us immensely with the issues of lighting and colours, etc. Everything went very smoothly throughout the process and we liked the fact that we were kept informed throughout the renovation as to what was happening and when. At no time did we feel left out of the loop, and Kim and her team were always willing to listen to our ideas and concerns. We would highly recommend Refresh Renovations to anyone and have done so recently. Happy clients.

Jim and Diane Wilson

Excellent. So glad I used them and they can deal with all the issues, especially council issues! One subcontractor was not as good as the others and Refresh no longer use him.

Sue White

Mike and his merry men done a fine job from start to finish. Mike communicated with us well and kept us up to date with deadlines.

Glenn Culpitt

Paul was not only the project manager for my renovation but also my interior designer. My home had not had any work done in over 20 years, so it required remedial work as well as renovation work. He came up with ideas I loved, I came up with some ideas he loved (he had the most ideas by far).
We started with a budget. As work progressed I changed some things (and he didn’t even roll his eyes at me, at least not that I noticed), he changed some things… and the end cost was still within the original quote. I thought my changes were going to blow out the cost, so I was very surprised and happy that it did not happen.
Paul’s business partner Nicole was also awesome. She helped me with curtains and a sofa. While I chose the curtains (with her encouragement), I was at first unsure of how they were going to be hung… But I love love love the end result.

I’m very very happy with my new home. New fantastic kitchen, new awesome bathroom, polished wooden floors, carpet, insulation, personalised wardrobe, colours that flow throughout, amazing artwork.
I would totally recommend Paul and Nicole for your renovation. I now regard them as friends, because they comforted me, encouraged me, helped me and looked after me throughout the stressful process. I couldn’t praise them high enough.

Andrea Kerrigan

Don was great right from the first meeting, he understood what I wanted to achieve, I felt totally involved in the project and I was. It was like working with an old friend, he was very easy to get on with, and came up with some great ideas to improve the process and the outcome. I found him easy to communicate with - he has excellent customer service skills, he went the extra mile and helped out with things I wouldn't have expected him to do to make sure we kept to the very tight time frames and budget and I think formost he is a naturally honest hard working guy who enjoys what he does and that shows. I would highly recommend Don and would have no hesitation in using him again on any future projects I may undertake.

Diane Englehardt

As a single female, I embarked on renovations in 2016. I had several objectives to achieve: fix the glass conservatory that was leaking but also very hot in the summer. As it surrounded my kitchen and partially covered it, this made working in the kitchen very hot work in the height of summer. My kitchen was also dated and although functional, there were aspects of it that could be better.

As I didn’t think the process needed an architect as I was not altering the footprint of the house, I came across Refresh Renovations (Kim Reiche) while searching the internet. From what I read I thought they might fit the bill of needing a company that could achieve what I wanted and project manage the process.

After contacting the company online, there was a swift response to answer my request to have a meeting to discuss my ideas and what I wanted to achieve. Refresh provide good up front materials to explain their process, and aim to work with a client to achieve what they want within a given budget.

After signing up to the process, I then had several visits from the kitchen planner, the architectural draughts person and was always accompanied by my project person Charmaine. Her presence was reassuring and gave me the opportunity to bounce ideas back and forward as part of the planning. This was also helpful in getting the house ready for the renovation. As a nearly full time worker, she worked hard to ensure that she was available when it suited me, including coming to my workplace once, as well as visits to the kitchen planner (they use Mastercraft who are great), the lighting stores and to Harvey Norman for appliances. They even put flyers in the neighbours' mail to let them know what was happening.

Refresh were very accommodating to working to a start date when I would be on holiday so as to avoid the worst of the renovation process. I arrived home after 3 weeks away to find a new roof on my conservatory, skylights in and the kitchen well under way. As with older houses and in my case, one that had been leaking, this threw up a few curve balls. This was really when Refresh excelled. When there was a problem, Charmaine was available to get a plumber, the builder, the tiler or the electrician there within a day to deal with the problem. To be able to leave this to someone else to deal with was such a relief.

So now several weeks down the track from finishing the renovations I am really enjoying my newly renovated spaces. The conservatory is a much nicer space and already more in use as it is not the hot house it was. The temperature in the kitchen is much better and I am really enjoying cooking, which is a pleasure of mine. The lighting has improved so much – I don’t think I had realised how bad it was until now and the layout and storage space is amazing. The new appliances also mean that if I plan a dinner party I have plenty of oven space and hobs for cooking, and am not planning the menu around the cooking facilities.

I had a great experience with the tradespeople Refresh use- they were always very personable and kept things very tidy despite it being a worksite. Costs were very clearly detailed, and bills arrived electronically and hard copy. Receipts were also done electronically and were prompt. Did I keep to budget? The initial budget was unrealistic considering a high spec kitchen was installed and a new roof, and then there were the extra costs incurred from the surprises thrown up by the house. However the end result is very pleasing and now I have the peace of mind that the leaks are fixed. So would I recommend this company? For someone in my situation I would. It worked well for my work situation and was far less stressful than if I had had to project manage this myself.


We are in the middle of our renovation and so far Refresh have been great. They have had great communication every step of the way. Great suggestions were given as we walked through the renovations. Good contacts with suppliers, on a first name basis with most and they are all very reliable and knowledgeable. Great team, great service, great price!

Elizabeth Whitehouse

Refresh has been very helpful without them my husband and I could not have done this they have taken away all the stress and worry. They have let us know what is going to happen and when and are very reliable and trusting.

Heather Blackie

Rick and the Refresh team upgraded my bathroom. They responded quickly and the work was of a high standard. They finished on time and on budget.

Marian Vogel

Thank you for all of your brilliant guidance and support during our bathroom renovation. The project ran so smoothly - all thanks to you. And we are absolutely thrilled with the final result.

It can feel like more money at the beginning, but the trade relationships and knowledge are already in place, so we saved money and the speed that everything happened in was incredible.

Sally and Nick Loannides

Our project was handled by Mike & the refresh team. We were very happy with the whole experience. Mike was very easy to deal with & the work completed to a high standard.

Rozanne Latimer

We had a good experience with the renovation – and Jim was great to work with. For novices like us, he brought experience to the table and was easy to deal with.  Where any issues cropped up, Jim was quick to provide a solution and act upon it. I found Jim really fantastic to deal with. He would put our minds at ease and often put up with me phoning him when he was at home with his family. I can only imagine how difficult our renovations would have been if we didn't have Jim at the helm.

Alex Larsen and Amy Hensley

I have lived in a California Bay Window Bungalow for 18 ½ years.  When I bought this house I made some structural changes and refurbished the entire interior and exterior.

Last year I decided to refurbish again and engaged a kitchen only firm to upgrade my kitchen.  That firm did not undertake the project management aspects and it was left to me to arrange tradespeople, appliances, floor treatments etc.  I live in Greenlane and work at Red Beach so it was very difficult to project manage the kitchen renovation from a long distance, I often had to drive home to make an on the spot decision.

When I embarked on Stage 2 I decided to engage a firm specialising in renovations which would also undertake the project management for me.  That’s how I met Jim Gleeson from Refresh Renovations. I interviewed a number of people/firms and it was easy to choose Jim because he clearly knew what he was talking about, listened to me (very important!) and was a thoroughly nice guy.  We are much more inclined to do business with people we like and I liked Jim immediately.

Last summer we started on the outside and painted the entire exterior, I was going to have the roof painted, Jim advised that it was time to have it replaced and went up on the roof and took lots of photos to show me what he was talking about.  It was obvious it wouldn’t last much longer and I agreed we needed to replace the roof.   Jim sourced all the options and we were able to agree on a material and colour all by email – very convenient!

The exterior painters did a wonderful job and the new roof makes the outside look very smart.   While we were at it we also upgraded the insulation in the ceiling and re-stained the deck.

Back inside for the winter and we painted the whole inside, installed two completely new bathrooms, central sound system, replaced all the hardware, door hinges, window fasteners, replaced all the light fittings, replaced lots of floorboards with recycled matai sanded and polyurethaned the entire floor.

Throughout this time my dog and I lived in the house – we shifted out for 3 days only when the floors were being sanded and polished.

When it came to choosing tiles and fixtures for the bathrooms Jim set aside a day and took me to plumbing and tile showrooms and I selected everything needed to complete both bathrooms.  That was a huge time saving for me and great to be able to get on the spot advice from Jim.

I would love to be able to say that everything proceeded without a hitch and all went to plan…  Hardly ever works out like that and this was no exception.  The tile supplier sent some incorrect tiles which meant a delay in one of the bathrooms.  The electrician put his foot through the ceiling but, no drama, it was fixed and looks just like it always did.  The piece de resistance is a wall shelving unit which Jim helped me sketch up and Jim selected a cabinet maker and just like that it was done.

The finishing touches were the carpet and window treatments which I arranged myself and Jim organized tiling the concrete paths outside.  When I get all the spare furniture out of the garage I will have that carpeted and it will be finished with a big sigh of relief.

What did I like about this project?
- Working with Jim was the highlight – he made everything so much easier because of his expertise and experience and sound advice.   Nothing was a bother even when in my blonder moments I forgot what I had decided or changed my mind.  Jim was always happy to cater for all the added extras I had along the way – things like bolting the safe to the floor, redesigning the shoe storage in my closet, fixing the letter box and lots of other things I either forgot at the start or thought of along the way
- Every day I had an update via email on the project plan, what was underway, what was completed and who was responsible.  That was a real plus as what had happened that day was updated on the project planner immediately.  It makes one feel a real part of the whole thing.
- The tradespeople whom I met - most days I left the house before they arrived and returned after they had left.  Tony the builder and Matt the electrician were lovely and always had good suggestions.
- I didn’t once have to dash home to make a decision – a real bonus!
- They didn’t let my dog escape… truly legend
- Having fixed price quotes for everything made budgeting and cash flow a breeze
- I just love the end result

I am happy to recommend Refresh Renovations and Jim Gleeson to anyone who is considering renovating their home.  A great service at a known price and really lovely people to deal with.

Thanks a million!

Winsome Stretch

Having recently returned to New Zealand and as a new resident in Hawkes Bay, I was finding the process of renovating my newly purchased 1950's house daunting. I had no knowledge of local trades people or costs, and the quotes I was being given varied so greatly that I didn't know where to start!
Then I met Bev and Dennis from Refresh, and all my problems melted away.   They took my list of what I wanted, interviewed trades people and came back with a price. As in all renovations it was beyond my budget, so they worked with me to define what was actually needed, and how much we could do with the money I had.
They coordinated and managed the documentation and council requirements, purchased fixtures and fittings, ensured the "tradies" turned up when required and that the work they did was of a high standard,  kept me up to date with what was happening when I was out of town, and ensured there were no unexpected cost over runs. Their ongoing suggestions on how to maximise my limited budget and to best utilise existing spaces were much appreciated, and demonstrated their experience.
People talk about the stress of renovating.... I can honestly say that working with Bev and Dennis took the stress away, and left me able to enjoy the adventure of seeing a wonderful home appear within the walls of a previously unloved house.

Corinne Vincent

We found Mike and the Refresh Team very easy to deal with. Everything was upfront and easy to understand. Communication was very good. They delivered on what we wanted promptly, and the work was to a very high standard. We are happy to recommend them to anyone wanting a stress-free renovation

Rozanne and Mark Latimer