Auckland Central Cladding Consultants

blue weatherboard cladding

Our Refresh Renovations Auckland Central team can take care of all of your house cladding needs including obtaining your home’s original plans, providing you with a recladding specialist builder, council consent applications and project management.  

What recladding services do Refresh Renovations Auckland Central provide?

We can take care of all types of cladding including weatherboard cladding, monolithic cladding and stucco. Our services include:
- New cladding
- Recladding
- Cladding repairs
- Leaky home solutions
- Weathertight solutions
- Insulation
- House renovations
- Alterations, extensions & additions
- Painting

...and anything else you can think of!

How much does it cost to reclad a home in Auckland Central?

The cost of a recladding project can vary significantly depending on the condition of the home, the size of a home, the type of cladding and any access requirements. Where possible, the most affordable option might be to simply carry out repairs and paintwork on your home exterior. However, if your home exterior requires a major update (e.g. repairs, partial re-roofing, recladding, painting etc.) the project will likely be a significant investment. For a cost estimate accurate to your specific requirements, please speak with your local Refresh Consultant. Alternatively, please take a look at some of our previous recladding projects to gain an understanding of the costs involved.  

Do you need a building consent to reclad in Auckland Central?

In order to carry out recladding work, you will need to apply for a building consent. Our team can take care of the application and approval process for you, ensuring all Code of Compliance requirements are met. 

Does Refresh Auckland Central only specialise in recladding?

We specialise in renovating residential architecture. We can take care of every stage of your project, whether it be a complete home renovation or a minor reclad. We’ll take care of your project’s design, council consent, construction, installations and painting. We’ll also supervise your project from start to finish in order to ensure minimal disruption to your everyday life. 

How can we help?

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