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We partner with certified home builders in Nelson to deliver a positive home renovation experience and top quality service throughout. \n

What services do Refresh Renovations offer for complete home renovations in Nelson?

No two home renovations are ever the same. Our Renovation Consultants are ready for anything given their diverse network of construction professionals and preferred suppliers. This means we can offer a wide range of premium home renovation services to suit your project, no matter what it requires.  

Complete House Renovators in Nelson

Our home renovation building services include:

Complete white kitchen renovation in Nelson with modern sink and half moon drawer handles
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Who is involved in a full home renovation?

Each Renovation Consultant is supported by a handpicked network of home builders, contractors, suppliers, and other industry professionals, well recognised for the quality of their work and service. No matter what your project entails, we know the experts who will get it done. Your local Renovation Consultant in Nelson coordinates and communicates at every stage of the project. Learn more about our 5-step renovation process here that has helped deliver thousands of successful renovation projects.

What does the Refresh house renovation process look like? 

Renovations Nelson are a breeze when you partner with our Home Renovation Specialists. We've designed an exciting and seamless transformation experience for your home, incorporating a robust system to ensure your peace of mind. Our approach is grounded in comprehensive project management, aimed at reducing risk for homeowners. It all begins with an initial, free consultation where your dedicated home renovation consultant will guide you through the process. Furthermore, our online management systems feature a user-friendly customer portal, empowering you to stay informed and actively participate in your home renovation journey.

Planning and concepting a Nelson home renovation
From start to finish - we're here every step of the way. You can learn more about our home renovation process here.

What are the current home renovation trends?

In the realm of contemporary home renovations, open plan living spaces take center stage. Why, you might ask? Well, open plan layouts have truly captured the hearts of homeowners due to the expansive, airy feel they bring to a living space along with creating a seamless flow throughout the house. As our lifestyles continue to evolve, with more of us working remotely and spending quality time at home, the appeal of adaptable living spaces has surged. These spaces must wear many hats – serving as functional workspaces one moment and cosy family hubs the next.

In addition, sustainably optimised renovations give homeowners a high return on their investments. Think about sustainability in terms of longevity. The more resilient a material, the longer it will last, thereby reducing the resources needed and limiting costly maintenance.  

Balancing technology and sustainability is beneficial for the environment and homeowners alike. So, it’s no wonder using eco-friendly materials such as, smart glass windows that block excessive UV rays in summer while, in the cooler months, the glass allows in maximum sunlight reducing the need for a heater. 

House Renovations in Nelson

Tips to think about when renovating your home in Nelson

When considering house renovations, you can follow these renovation steps for a successful project. Begin by hiring experienced Nelson builders or old home renovation contractors near you and establish clear objectives and a realistic budget. Plan for potential disruptions and prioritise safety while remaining open to adjustments as needed.

Choose quality materials, incorporate energy-efficient solutions, and assess the potential resale value of your renovations. Ensure open communication with your team and inspect the work regularly to meet your expectations and maintain high standards. For efficient and personalised house renovations in Nelson, partner with house renovators who follow the master builders contract to deliver outstanding results.

If you are planning to renovate your house, then learn about the 5 benefits of home renovations

indoor outdoor flow renovation in Nelson
We loved working on this full home renovation in Nelson

What are the Home Renovation Costs for a House in Nelson?

Given the complexity of a full house renovation, there is a range of options available depending on your particular project. Below are two examples of what was achieved during recent Refresh renovations and the approximate cost of each.

A dramatic two-storey renovation, completed for just over $300,000*, included significant structural changes, the updating of two bathrooms, and modernisation of the entire living level.

Another major project involved remodelling an existing bathroom, updating the ensuite, constructing a new mezzanine for an enhanced guest suite, and relocating the laundry, all for around $112,000*.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant. 

home extension with outdoor BBQ place with a deck in Nelson

Will Refresh take care of any required Nelson City Council Consent?

Yes, we take care of any council applications required for home renovations. 
Our Renovation Consultants are locals with a good understanding of regional regulations. They will ensure your renovation meets all required standards and consents. 

Get Excited about your home renovation in Nelson

Let’s make your dream home renovation project happen. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation with your local Renovation Consultant in Nelson. Whatever your reason for embarking on a home renovation, we’re here to help. We partner with certified master builders and related industry professionals to deliver top quality service to our clients and a memorable renovation experience.