Before joining Refresh, Jenny spent much of her professional life in senior marketing roles within both Australia and New Zealand. She also trained as a nurse. In these roles, Jenny developed and demonstrated a significant amount of experience in managing large projects and all the detailed elements within them. Jenny is extremely attentive to detail, ensuring nothing gets missed from any project she manages.

With her Aussie husband and fellow Refresh specialist Mark, Jenny (a Kiwi) moved to New Zealand from Australia over 15 years ago, with twin babies. They settled in the Coromandel Peninsula, after being away from home for over 20 years. With Mark, Jenny has renovated many of her own homes across Sydney, Melbourne and Tairua.

Jenny has a history with the Coromandel Peninsula that spans over 45 years, visiting the family bach in Tairua at every opportunity while she was growing up. When she relocated to New Zealand as an adult, she moved to Tairua, straight to the property that was the family bach.

Jenny’s training in both her nursing and marketing careers demonstrated the importance of paying utmost attention to detail. And, still today, this is a great strength of Jenny’s. For the homeowner, this means nothing gets missed or left to chance. Making sure her team is committed to every small detail helps to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and with a huge smile

Jenny’s children have both chosen to pursue high-risk sports - showjumping and motocross. Jenny can often be found in the driver's seat of the horse truck making sure rider and ponies arrive at their next event on time, ready to go. A long time, self-confessed equestrian sports addict, Jenny loves spending time around horses. She can often be seen training and supporting other riders to excel, as she gets a real thrill from helping people enjoy what they do. When she’s not helping others she will find time to ride around the Maratoto valley on her own much-loved horse.

Working with Jenny on your next renovation, you can be sure you will receive a friendly, detail-oriented and high-quality home renovation.


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