John Young Hawkes Bay Director/Marketing & Accounts Administrator

Role: Marketing and Business Manager
Region: Hawkes Bay
Manager: John Young

John worked on a couple of renovation projects while studying a Health Science degree in Dunedin. After obtaining a BSc in Pharmacology and a Diploma for Graduates in Psychological Medicine he worked in the health sector for over a decade, working with people with disabilities and illnesses and developing their personal lifestyle plans, educating personal coping strategies while being their advocate. In a career change, John enrolled with Massey University originally to study Building and Construction papers to become a property valuer but decided to become a High School Chemistry Teacher instead. After teaching in Wanganui, he moved to Hastings to teach before becoming a life and business coach.

John decided to own and grow the Refresh Renovation brand in the Hawkes Bay despite many established renovation companies in competition around the province. He finds that although there is plenty of competition, there is also a void in the renovation sector. Refresh enables him to fill that void to the needs of the client. John believes that the robust business model and effective marketing strategy with management support; Refresh Renovations Hawkes Bay will become a well-known brand and the go-to for renovations. One factor that John has been impressed with is the extensive support from within the franchise. Despite the fantastic business model and the marketing expertise of Traffic, the ongoing support to the businesses is highly important to the franchisees and such a factor could make or break a franchise business. “You always need feedback on how well you are doing. If you are on your own, plans, goals and strategies are no good, if the plans are not implemented, goals are not set, and the strategies are misdirected. The Refresh business support team is constantly giving feedback, developing and implementing plans and goals with the right understanding, so you know that you are not alone.”

John has played with and been coached by some of the best-known football players and coaches in the country in various tournaments and competitions including the Chinese Charity cup and the Chatham Cup that he decided to become a senior football club coach himself. He has coached in the Football South’s Fletchers Cup and in the Central Football’s West Premiership with mixed success. A founding organiser for the first Ethkick tournament in NZ. He has been involved with his Church for over 25 years, being part of NZ Chess tournaments, Manawatu Multicultural Council, Multicultural Association and the New Zealand Chinese Association on the Hawkes Bay executive committee.


121 Stoneycroft Street, Camberley, Hastings 4120