My name is Felipe and I'm from a magical land called Chile in South America.

I came to New Zealand for a holiday to visit family in Christchurch and didn't want to leave. That was over 10 years ago! I've lived in New Zealand for over a decade and I can't get enough of it! I'm loving it!

I worked in Christchurch for 9 of those years, mostly building and completing my carpentry trade qualifications. It was in Christchurch that I first started working for a Refresh Branch with Alan and Gaynor Gemmill. I gained lots of experience and it was a really great time in my career.

After my family moved to the sunny Northland, I made the decision to leave Christchurch and move to Auckland, to be a little nearer my family. It was Alan who introduced me to Jim and Del Gleeson, another Refresh branch in the Auckland Central area.

Ever since May 2017, I’ve worked with the Gleesons at KKG Limited. I really enjoy the variety and challenging work that we have done. Every day is different, which allows me to use lots of different skills, meet a diverse range of subcontractors and suppliers and engage with different clients. The team at KKG Limited are really supportive, and offer lots of opportunities to develop. I’m always looking for ways I can do my job better and strive to be the best builder I can be. It’s also a great team culture - Mid Year events like the Master Builders Ball last year was awesome. The annual Fishing Trip is also something to look forward to.

When I'm not building, my favourite things to do are 4-wheel driving, riding my quad bike at Muriwai Beach and fishing which is always followed by the compulsory BBQ with the whānau.

Also if you've watched the best episodes of "Top Gear" you may have seen the famous red Hilux that couldn't be destroyed. Well … I own one just like it and it's my 4x4 beast, with all the extras that I use to explore the remote countryside.



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