Top Home Renovation Tips for Christchurch Homeowners

There’s a lot to consider when planning a home renovation and it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Luckily for you, the home renovation experts at Refresh Christchurch are sharing their top tips to help you plan a smooth and stress-free renovation!

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Renovations are exciting but, before you jump in, it’s important to ensure you have a clear plan in place and reliable renovation project management to hand. Without careful planning, you are at risk of costly mistakes, poor workmanship, and budget blowouts! This planning is particularly important in Christchurch, with so many heritage homes and earthquake damage to consider. Our Christchurch Renovation Specialists can guide you through the process of renovating your home, offer expert remodeling tips, and ensure your renovation is a success. 

Starting Your Renovation in Christchurch: What You Need to Know

When planning your renovation it’s important to take a step back to consider why you want to renovate, do some initial research, consider how local regulations may impact you, and think about your budget. Are you renovating to sell? Do you need more room for a growing family? Do you have accessibility issues? No matter what your reason for renovating, a Refresh Consultant can help you identify your goals and customise a plan that suits your needs and budget, just like this beautiful Hoon Hay renovation.

This article about what to consider before your Christchurch renovation is also full of great home renovation advice!

Home Renovation Tips Every Christchurch Homeowner Should Know

If you’re new to renovating, it can all seem a little overwhelming. Whether you’re planning a kitchen makeover, bathroom refresh, or full home remodel, these home renovation tips are just the ticket to planning a flawless transformation.

  1. Visit open homes throughout the Christchurch Region

This is a great way to gather ideas, feel inspired, and decide what you like (or don’t like!). Focus on houses that have been recently renovated and compare houses with a similar number of bedrooms and bathrooms to your own. 

  1. Keep away from micro trends

Trying to keep up with the trends usually means your renovation will date quickly. Instead, opt for classic styles that have stood the test of time. You can always bring some of the latest trends or colours into your home with décor instead. 

  1. Think functionality first and foremost

It doesn’t matter how expensive your appliances are - if your space lacks functionality you will be frustrated with the result of your renovation. Don’t sacrifice space, flow, and function for the sake of fixtures that really don’t fit in your space. This bathroom renovation in Wainoni is an excellent example of a functional and stylish renovation. 

  1. Future proof your home

A renovation is the perfect time to future proof your home. Invest in energy efficiency for a healthy home, choose sustainable building materials, and address old plumbing or electrics before they become an issue.

  1. The importance of using local expertise

Local knowledge goes a long way. Refresh have been around the Christchurch area for a while and we know our way around renovations, so we have a trusted network of suppliers, designers, and tradespeople to ensure our renovations are top quality.

P.S - Need kitchen remodel tips? Take a look at this handy article.

Mastering Renovation Project Management in Christchurch

A dedicated project manager is essential to the success of your home renovation. You can of course try to juggle the renovation yourself, but a project manager will facilitate your renovation from the initial concept and design phase right through to the final delivery, ensuring your renovation is simple and stress-free. 

Refresh Consultants take care of everything from council consent and health and safety to onsite scheduling and sourcing supplies, which is why we think you should choose Refresh as your Renovations Specialists. With stunning renovations completed such as this Burwood Beauty and this light and bright Riccarton Revival – why wouldn’t you!?

Extra home renovation resources

This home renovation guide is a great resource for homeowners, as well as this article that outlines the magic of design and build and how it can elevate your renovation.  

Ready to put these renovation tips to use? 

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