Helping homeowners to achieve an enjoyable remodeling experience is Refresh Renovations Phoenix's Design Build Consultant Rick Maddox’s passion. He understands all too well that renovations can be a daunting experience for homeowners - particularly those who have experienced deadline overruns and poor quality workmanship in the past. Rick takes pride in providing customers with exceptional customer service, expert teams of tradespeople, and thorough project management every step of the way.

Rick has over 30 years of experience in the residential housing industry and has worked with many different builders over the years. If there’s one thing that he’s learned in this time, it’s that good processes result in high-quality results. Using the Refresh 5-step process allows him and his team to “smooth out all the wrinkles” of your renovation, leaving little room for stress and error. For Rick, problem-solving is central to the service he provides. 

Rick is dedicated to keeping up with national building safety regulations and standards. He is also more than capable of advising homeowners on how modern trends may contribute or detract from a project. But, more than this, Rick is dedicated to ensuring that the dreams and goals that you have for your home are met - and professionally managed - from start to finish. 

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