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The Nelson branches at Refresh Renovations offer specialist home renovation services across the city, from Stoke to Maitai.

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At the top of the South Island, along the golden shores of Tasman Bay, Nelson provides a welcoming city to call home and an enticing travel destination for all types of explorers. But it’s more than a sunny spot to connect with nature. Nelson’s community is bustling with new and established businesses, making the city a fantastic location to set up camp and stay a little while.

If you’re one of the lucky Nelson homeowners, you’ll know how great it is to own property in the vibrant, growing city. But unlike the location, not all properties become better with age. There often comes a time when you need to upgrade your home to improve the living conditions, functionality, style, or simply add more space.

Nelson home renovation managed with Nelson contractors
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Your experts for home renovations in Nelson

No matter what renovation plans you have in mind – be it recladding your property, undertaking a bathroom renovation, or tackling a house extension – Refresh Renovations can help. Our Nelson Renovation Partners are experts in managing home renovations from design to build; it’s an end-to-end service, which we’re proud to provide throughout Nelson. Checkout 5 Benefits of a Home Renovation in Nelson.

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As a trusted Nelson builder and contractors, we specialise in various property projects.

Tips when hiring a home renovation project manager 

Beyond enjoying a stress-free experience, there are multiple benefits of working with a professional renovation company. Importantly, you can rest assured only the best local renovation builders are working on your project. However, you’ll also save time and money. With a Renovation Partner managing the entire process, you can continue spending life as you were while they strategically plan your renovation to avoid potential risks and make cost-effective decisions. It’s simple; we make renovating easy and rewarding.

Planning your home renovation with Refresh Renovation Nelson

What is the House Renovation Process in Nelson with Refresh Renovations?

Our process, overseen by a dedicated project manager for home renovation, encompasses five key steps: consultation, concepting, costing, building, and final delivery. This approach, refined through thousands of successful renovations, ensures that home renovation costs are transparent and manageable within your goal. With our experienced Nelson contractors and builders, we work diligently to bring your renovation project to life. Read more about our structured renovation process here.

Renovating a deck with garden space and a small garage in Nelson.
Interested to learn more about a full home renovation cost? Check our our pricing estimates.

How do you know if your property needs a renovation? 

The decision to embark on home renovations should align with your long-term objectives, whether it involves improving your living space, addressing safety issues, or maximizsing your property's value. If you're aiming to boost your property's curb appeal or increase its resale value, a renovation can be a strategic move. 

Various indicators may prompt the need for a renovation. Outdated fixtures and finishes, visible wear and tear, and an impractical layout may signal the time for a renovation project. If your energy bills are soaring due to inadequate insulation or outdated heating systems, it's a good time to consider an upgrade. Get inspired with renovation ideas by booking a free consultation with Refresh Renovations today.

Are you not sure what renovations can be covered with renovation insurance? Checkout our guidance about the renovation insurance now!

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