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Just across the bridge from Auckland’s CBD stretches the city’s North Shore with thriving business districts, new housing developments, and sophisticated, older parts of town, such as Devonport and Takapuna. Throw in beautiful beaches and parks, and you have all the ingredients for a great work-life balance. It’s no surprise then, that the Shore attracts many families and professional couples who seek a comfortable lifestyle in New Zealand’s busiest city.

Peter Gardner has been running a successful Refresh Renovations team on the North Shore since 2014. He lives here with wife and business partner Leola, and their children, and together they play an active part in the community. Peter’s background is in operations management and customer service. As a Refresh franchise owner and project manager he takes care of all your renovation needs, dealing with suppliers and managing tradespeople to ensure your projects stays on track and gets completed on time and within budget.

Renovations can be stressful for homeowners, as even small projects like a bathroom renovation can require many different materials and trades that all need to be organised. Generally, each part of a project has to be completed satisfactorily before the next can be started. Having a systematic and structured approach allows the Refresh team to plan ahead and make use of time and cost efficiencies along the way. They follow a 5-step process that includes initial briefing, concept, working drawings, construction and finished home.

Refresh’s process is backed up by state-of-the-art technology that enables clear and open communications between the project manager and the contractors, as well as between the project team and you, the homeowner. As the renovation proceeds, tradespeople can upload progress report along with any comments and images. Homeowners are able to check on progress at any point by simply logging into the customer interface of the project management system. It’s possible to make building and design decisions that way, and you can even send comments, make enquiries and approve next steps.

Unforeseen problems may creep up at any time during a renovations process. So it’s paramount to have a contingency budget and an experienced team of professionals who can work out cost-efficient solutions. Using smart technology, Refresh’s project managers are able to communicate quickly and adjust the project plan right away. They work with a pool of reliable suppliers and tradespeople, which means they can sort out problems as soon as they arise.  

Quality underpins everything we do at Refresh, and good people are the foundation we build on. Peter has established a network of excellent local builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and other tradespeople that work together to create your dream home. Whether it’s a small kitchen you want to revamp, an en-suite bathroom you’d like to redo, or a whole new level you wish to add to your house – the North Shore crew has what it takes to turn your renovation ideas into reality. Contact the team today to find out more and discuss the best approach for your project.


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