Scott is very passionate about personal wellbeing, from establishing the perfect work/life balance to creating comfortable spaces for everyday living. This interest, coupled with his love for the property industry, has led him to become a fantastic Renovation Specialist.

Beyond his passions, Scott has an impressive background in finance and management within the banking sector. This previous experience has instilled him with excellent communication and managerial skills, two aspects that are vital to successfully executing large-scale projects like property renovations.

Scott is also highly aware of the intricacies involved in making home improvements - whether big or small. So he approaches renovation projects with a commitment to deeply understanding and monitoring the details. This way, he can ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved.

“I understand that the decisions are huge, which is why I’m here - to help you make smart choices and ultimately achieve the renovation of your dreams. So please, get in touch when you’re ready to explore options” - Scott Pennell.

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