If the beach is your happy place, the ‘winterless North’ could be your happy home. Whangarei and the surrounding area is one of the sunniest spots in New Zealand, and it’s as much a favourite with homeowners as it is with sun seekers.

In fact, Northland’s population has steadily increased over the last five years, with 4000 new residents moving to the region in the 12 months from June 2016, and half of those moving to Whangarei. According to the 2013 census, almost 77,000 people usually call the Whangarei District home. With the average house price hovering around the $500,000 mark, Whangarei is one of the most comparatively affordable regions in New Zealand, which makes it easier for homeowners to get into the market and see value on any improvements made.

Whangarei and the surrounding regions are typified by wide open spaces. While the city centre is typically urban, it’s certainly not as built-up as other larger cities like Auckland or Wellington and features just a small CBD. The city is largely suburban and mixes commercial and residential quite seamlessly. Housing stock is very varied, featuring everything from older-style cottages to bungalows, modest farmhouses to sprawling estates, new residential subdivisions to state housing precincts, right through to quaint seaside baches alongside multi-million-dollar holiday homes. Economically, Northland can highlight the great divide between the rich and the poor, which can be reflected in the housing around the city.

When it comes to building and renovating, Whangarei residents don’t have many geographical constraints to contend with. As with any part of the country, specific local regulations and bylaws apply when it comes to any form of construction. With its deep-rooted Maori history (the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in Northland, after all), there may be some historic and cultural bylaws that may need to be considered in the region.

The weather has a lot of influence on building and renovating though. While Northland is renowned as being one of the warmest parts of New Zealand, it can also suffer at the hands of wild weather and is frequently stung by the effects of heavy wind and rain. Harsh sun has the ability to fast-track deterioration on the exterior of homes so careful choices need to be made around cladding and paintwork. When constructing on or near elevated ground, it’s important to take into consideration the likelihood of landslides or rockslides during heavy rainfall. The same goes with exceptionally flat land that could be prone to flooding. During summer, much of Northland suffers from drought then then winter rains come the ground is too dry to absorb the excess. New Zealand’s older housing stock generally lacks on the insulation front too.

Much of the Whangarei district is close to the coast. While this has a major appeal to homeowners who love the sea, it has the ability to adversely impact properties. Salt spray can be very corrosive, particularly on the exteriors of homes, so it’s important to consider appropriate materials and textiles when renovating. Swimming is a big part of most Northlanders’ lives, which means water safety must be too. All pools must be thoroughly fenced in including child-proof gates, while access to naturally-occurring water features like rivers and the sea need to be monitored, especially when there are children around.

If you’re most at home near the coast, Northland could be the perfect New Zealand spot for you. To find out how to make the most of your Whangarei property through renovating or extending, call Refresh Renovations today.

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